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February Meeting Minutes

February Meeting Minutes post image

Office Meeting-2/12/2014 at 11:30 a.m.

Attendees Present:

Reed, Kristie, Chris, Mary, Matt Z., Katy F.,Carol, John, Shannon, Lindsay, Brian, Joe Morris


  • Office meetings will be on the first Wednesday of every month
  • Chris discussed the audit issues that were identified during the MREC audit and handed out copies of those issues. Pg 14 Agency dates being “On or Before” the eff. date of the contract was the most critical item.
  • Reed told agents they will be receiving an electronic version of the latest policy manual.
  • Kristie went over 1099 tax questions that some agents had been asking about. Reminder to include all deductions and remember to separate KS & MO commissions.
  • Carol gave an update of upcoming legislative initiatives that KCRAR is working on. These are items that your RPAC Voluntary year-end fee pays for. They advocate for the agents and homeowners.
  • Joe Morris gave us a heads up concerning inspection item references in Resolutions.
  • Agents talked about highlights of their personal listings and alerted office of upcoming listings and current buyer needs.
  • Reed highlighted the value of keeping up on city/state happenings and taking the initiative to reach out to those that may have influence – HR rep, etc. State Street will be bringing in about 650 new employees to our area and Reed will be able to tap into that referral pipeline. All due to making critical contacts.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.