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Half of Home Buyers Used Mobile Phone to Find Home

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Almost half of recent home buyers report using mobile applications (45%) and mobile search engines (42%) as a resource during their home buying process. A recent report from the 2013 National Association of REALTORS shows an increased use of mobile devices to look for homes.

According to Philip Charles-Pierre, CMO for Smarter Agent:

When buyers were asked how they found the house that they ended up purchasing, 43% cited the internet and while 33% said a real estate agent. The typical home buyer searched for 12 weeks and viewed 10 homes on average.

The Wall Street Journal reports on a “growing force of home buyers who use a mobile device, such as a smartphone, as a primary information-gathering tool.”

The WSJ article claims more than half of all page views of listings nationwide now occur through a mobile device and that  more than twice as many real estate listings are viewed via iPad and iPhone than via Android devices.