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Peak Producers Training Class Coming SOON!

Peak  Producers Training Class Coming SOON! post image

Here’s Your Reminder Agents,
We are finally ready to get the Peak Producers Class rolling in conjunction with our mentoring program…
We’re excited for you all to go through the program. It truly is a game changer! Get registered as soon as you can as the materials will take a few days to get here… Also, there is a $50 discount if you register in the month of July… We will start on August 11th @ 11A-1P daily through Aug. 15th and then once a week for the remaining 11 weeks. Wednesday’s 11-1

If you have any program related questions or would like help expediting your registration call / contact the GURU:
Ashley Lopez
Buffini Systems Consultant
Buffini & Company
T (800) 945-3485 x2330
F (760) 476-3704