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Updated Contracts NOW Available…

Updated Contracts NOW Available… post image

We have made several updates to our in-house contracts. They are now available for you to access on Paperless Pipe under the Office Tab, from your RE/MAX Leadstreet front page, and from Dotloop. On Dotloop they are now available in VersionNow documents and in the Listing and Buying Packets folders.

The changes to our contracts dealt with franchise disclosures, electronic signature acceptance, and to allow for more spaces for agent fees if you charge them. In Dotloop, you’ll notice that a few of the Heartland forms have a “(Legacy)” notation added. The individual contracts were not modified, but how Dotloop populates them was modified. For example, on the Residential Resale Contract, on page 4, section 4, the Heartland version automatically filled in the broker and title company twice, in sections a and b. We modified the template to prevent that from happening.

Please provide feedback if you have questions or run into problems with the new documents.